Conference Topics


Both conferences will be edicated to recent advances in the dynamic behaviour of a whole range of these multifunctional lightweight cellular materials, demonstrating their benefits to the industry. Furthermore, it will be a great opportunity to present their results, to discuss scientific topics with the goal of better networking, broader dissemination of the result and to stimulate the future collaboration between Portugal and other Countries.

Main Conference Topics

Cellular Materials | 3D Periodic Materials and Structures | Lattice Materials | Stochastic Foams | Lightweight Materials | Lightweight Structures | Composite Structures | Sandwich Panels | Foam Filled Tubes | Porous Materials | Foams | Liquid Foams | Solid Foams | Nanocomposite Foams | Composite Foams | Hybrid foams| Syntactic Foams |Ceramic Foams | Metallic Foams | Polimeric Foams | Glass Foams | Cork | Wood | Engineering Honeycombs | 3D Periodic Cellular Metals | Porous Metal Fibre Structures | Metallic Hollow Sphere Structures | 3D Direct Printed Structures | Experimental | Experimental Techniques | Mechanics | Dynamic Behaviour | High Strain-Rate Testing | Impact | Energy Absorbing Systems | Crashworthiness | Vehicle safety | Blast| Penetration | Shock Response | Reliability and Failure of Energy Systems | Modelling | Numerical Simulation | Computation Mechanics | Theoretical models | Dynamic Fracture and Fatigue| Computational Simulations | Applications |